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Information Security Specialist at Infigo, together with her teammates won the first place in the CTF competition in Netherlands


If you are interested in security, there is a big chance you were at this year’s annual HITB (Hack In The Box) Security conference held in Amsterdam. And if you are a woman in cyber security, there is a big chance you were interested in Women in Cyber Security CTF Competition that was ran by Cyber Talents.

Infigo is very proud to say that our own Mirna Novak, Information Security Specialist, won the first prize. And this is even more impressive since her team was made on the spot!

Teams at CTF (Capture The Flag) were made from both amateur and professional participants. Her three women team, joined by colleagues from Israel (Inbal Lidan) and Russia (Alena Kolosova), formed spontaneously, without previous arrangements or even acquaintances. And that makes this win even more impressive! Yes, we are biased, but still...

The competition lasted for eight hours, on the last day of the conference, and consisted of series of practical challenges. The teams that consisted of three women maximum were given eight challenges, with that number increasing as challenges were defeated. There were multiple categories including web security, malware reverse engineering, digital forensics, exploitation, and cryptography. Mirna predominantly focused on web security and exploitation, but as this was a team event, the challenges were hacked with joint forces.

In the end, Mirna and her team ended with 14 claimed flags (part of the code revealed after a challenge is successfully solved), which secured the first place, and the invite to the next Trend Micro CTF Tokyo (all expenses paid) that will be held by the end of the year.

Again, congratulations to Mirna and her team, and as she is extremely bright and committed security specialist, you can be sure you'll hear about her more in the future. Or, maybe you won't – they say that the best hackers are those you've never heard of...