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Wargames at Infigo


One winner, zero casualties, four hours of nerve wrecking competition – all in all, great way to end the week

It is hard to devise a direct method of bringing together fun and work, no matter what people say, but at Infigo we held Boss of the SOC (BOTS), a competition that combines competitive nature of any person and information security.
Eight teams of four member each took part in so called CTF (Capture the Flag) style competition; sifting through given dataset they had to find answers to given question using Splunk and external information sources. Questions were related to fictional security breach, and the goals were concrete – for example, teams had to find out how many PDF files were encrypted after malware got into the system by user negligence.
The interesting thing was, not only information security experts were in this competition. We made mixed teams, with every position in the company, so everybody could see what our security analysts do. And to be honest, it isn’t an easy job…
Like with everything Infigo does, we went a little overboard; we’ve made story about eight houses in conflict, ala Game of Thrones, we did video promos, send email with descriptions of the noble houses… On the other side, our integration team put the servers up, gave us a certain amount of resources, and everything went as smooth as butter, without a single hitch.
Even though everything was set to be like Game of Thrones, there wasn’t a single drop of blood, nobody was poisoned (matter of fact, the pizza was delicious), and everybody went home alive and well.
Some would think there would be grumbling, especially from the not so cheery people around the office, but as soon as the first points dropped, everybody wholeheartedly went all in. In the end of the day, the team lead by our CTO, Bojan Ždrnja, won – some would say that it isn’t fair that a man of this caliber competes, but on the other hand, if his team didn’t win, today we would be searching for the new CTO! But it was interesting to see the young challengers – soon Bojan will really have to give all he’s got if he wants to stay on top. When the young lions knock him down, we’ll put him on a floating iceberg and send him down river Sava into afterlife…
In the end, the most important thing is that we learned a lot, had a great time, and we’ve discovered ways to improve some of our internal processes – this was one of those times when everybody can pat their own backs after a job well done. Until next BOTS we’ll let Bojan and his team enjoy their sweet victory.