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Trends in mobile application vulnerabilities in the region


From this year (virtual) conference HEK.SI 2020, we bring you slides from the lecture held by our information security specialist Jagor Cakmak

First time since it was founded, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, HEK.SI has gone virtual; at Slovenian conference that every year gathers ethical hackers, our own Jagor Cakmak gave a lecture. Topic was interesting and always actual – Trends in mobile application vulnerabilities in the region.
Now, we could tell you all about it, but we have something better! You can download the slides Jagor used, converted into PDF for easier consumption, and you can go to the official HEK.SI website and register to see four free lectures, among them Jagor's. Currently that free offer stands in Slovenian, and there is no mention of it on English part of the web, but we believe that will be fixed soon (if it isn't fixed already).