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Infigo opens a Slovenian office in Ljubljana


We’ve opened a Slovenian branch and had a great time introducing it at Infosek Expo 2019 in Ljubljana

We’ve added one more foreign office to our growing list; now Infigo has home bases in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and United Arab Emirates. Our latest office opened in Ljubljana, under a watchful eye of managing director Milan Perkovič, at Tivolska cesta 50 (tel. +386 1 777 89 00).
We announced that to the world at Infosek Expo 2019 in Ljubljana where our resident penetration testing gurus, Jagor Čakmak and Mirna Novak, held a presentation on phishing. In aptly named “Phishing in INFIGO’s lake” they enlightened the crowd with techniques, and custom-made tools, they use when conducting phishing attacks.
Phishing is, if we remove all the technicalities, a hacking attack where you try to make people do things they shouldn’t do, like clicking on a link they were told never to click, or to enable macros in Office documents, and give hackers a way into your system. It is basically a social engineering endeavor, a manipulation scheme, which exploits the weakest link – humans.
Exceptionally interesting part were statistics stemming from Infigo’s previous engagements – 16 percent of the people entered a valid credentials in a phishing site, and 23 percent opened and enabled malicious macro code in the Word document. And you only need one person to get an initial access to the system!
Infigo IS, among other things, does lots of security assessments, which enables organizations to see how strong (or weak) their security posture is, and how to remedy the situation. It is always better that we find out what the problem is, than malicious actors. Be smart, be safe.