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INFIGO MEETUP 2016 – Infosec and Big Data challenges


On November 3rd, 2016, at the Double Tree Hotel in Zagreb, INFIGO IS will be organizing a one-day conference entitled “Infigo Meetup 2016 – Infosec and Big Data Challenges”. The aim of the conference is to introduce the market to innovations in business activities in the field of information security, as well as in other fields where INFIGO IS has completed interesting projects and achieved significant results.

The "INFIGO Meetup 2016 - Infosec and Big Data challenges" conference agenda consists of two parts.

The morning part will be focused on novelties and trends in the information security field by which INFIGO IS has been recognized as a leading company in the Republic of Croatia and the region for many years. The leading experts of INFIGO IS will present some of the products and services that enable to companies better protection against advanced threats and unauthorized activities.

The next part of the conference is dedicated to the newer business segment of INFIGO IS related to the management of large amounts of data, or more commonly referred to as, “Big Data”. By using Splunk and other related technologies, INFIGO IS has successfully completed complex and challenging projects for some of the biggest clients in the region which will be shared with conference participants.

The conference agenda is as follows:

08:30-09:15    Registration/Coffee
09:15-09:20    Welcome Speech (Hrvoje Šegudović)
09:20-09:45    Rethinking Your Security Strategy (Saša Jušić)
09:45-10:15    Devil is in the Details (Bojan Ždrnja)
10:15-10-45    Are We Able to Prevent Data Leakage (Saša Jušić)
10:45-11:15    TBD
11:15-11:40    Coffee Break
11:40-11:45    How Big Data Are? (Lora Čurković)
11:45-12:00    Splunk ITSI demo (Boris Kresoja)
12:00-12:20    Customer’s Use Case (1)
12:20-12:40    Customer’s Use Case (2)
12:40-13:00    Customer’s Use Case (3)
13:00-13:05    Prize Contest (Shake it)
13:05 – 15:00 LUNCH


Due to seat limitation, we kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by e-mail at

We are looking forward to your arrival!