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INFIGO IS at the HEK.SI conference in Slovenia


The HEK.SI conference about ethical hacking will be held in Ljubljana on 14th and 15th of April. As one of the golden sponsors, INFIGO IS will participate on this conference with a contributed talk titled "An unexpected journey: From XSLT injection to a shell ", to be delivered by Saša Jušić, a senior consultant on information security in INFIGO IS.

HEK.SI is one of the very few conferences in the region devoted to the subject of ethical hacking and penetration testing. Through the two days, numerous contributed talks from the foremost experts in information security, security audit and penetration testing are planned.

As one of the leading penetration testing companies in Croatia and the region, INFIGO IS is one of the golden sponsors of HEK.SI, contributing also with the presentation by Saša Jušić on hacking web applications through XSLT injection. Thre presentation will provide some useful examples on how it is possible to run arbitrary code and own the the remote server by manipulating XSLT files. 

The excellent social atmosphere from the previous HEK.SI conferences can be seen in the gallery.

Detailed information on HEK.SI and the conference program are available at the URL htto://