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INFIGO IS at DevFest Siberia 2017


The largest Russian Devfest conference organized by the Google Developer group Novosibirsk and Omsk is being held on 23rd and 24th September in Novosibirsk. The conference is devoted to various trends and events in the field of program engineering, in particular to the development and security of Android mobile applications and Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

INFIGO IS was presented at the conference by giving lecture on "Fingerprint authentication in mobile banking applications" delivered by our penetration testing team member, Sina Yazdanmehr. Through the lecture, Sina presented challenges in the field of ​​mobile payment security and has provided valuable tips for public on how to properly implement key security mechanisms for mobile payment applications such as mobile application activation, user authentication, signing transactions, etc.

Apart from the safety of mobile applications, INFIGO IS has also presented its activities and actualities within the project “Project Wonderland”. Key project activities, achievements and challenges that need to be mastered to meet the set goals have been presented. We exchanged useful experiences with companies that deal with similar issues and we are open for the possibility of cooperation.

More information about the conference is available at the conference web site