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Infigo Compli

Infigo Compli is an application for regulatory compliance process management that enables any organization, through automatization, to always comply with relevant acts and regulations.


We are all quite aware of the speed of change that occurs through regulations, procedures, guidelines, instructions, acts... And it is clear that monitoring all of that can cause not only stress but also serious problems in doing business and wraith of regulators, and accordingly, penalties.

To make life easier for organizations, we have created Infigo Compli, with which we have simplified the whole regulatory compliance management process and alignment with regulatory requirements. Financial institutions have the most benefits, at least at the moment, but thanks to modularity and the possibility of adaptation, any industry can enjoy its perks.

What do you get out of it?

  • Eliminating manual data gathering – manual data gathering is an error prone (and tedious) process, and errors usually mean loss (of productivity, financial, reputational)
  • Removing communication obstacles – no more emails or internal communication services, everything is in the system in one place
  • Banishing non-standardized workflow – no more verbal agreements, no more scattered documents, no possibility that there will be and act you will miss
  • Eradicating non-compliance threat – every time there is a new regulation, you are immediately notified and ready to react; the chances of you having problems with the regulator are falling to a minimum

How does it work?

The whole process functions through a few steps:
  1. Automatic crawlers track predefined sources that are relevant to the industry (in case of Croatian financial institutions we track, among others, Croatian National Bank, AZOP, EUR-Lex, Narodne Novine, e-Savjetovanja...)
  2. The system processes the collected data and stores it in the database
  3. Through web-based GUI, the persons in charge of compliance, assign the trustees with the new acts to comment on them
  4. If there is no compliance within the prescribed time, regulations that have an impact on the organization receive an automatic risk assessment (according to previously defined rules and formulas)
While all this is going on, the system monitors what is happening, recording the work trustees do, sends daily and weekly reports (e.g. it can be defined that senior management doesn't have access to the application itself, but regularly receives reports), sends notifications and reminders on upcoming deadlines, and all that remains recorded so it can be seen at any time who did what and how.
Infigo Compli is customizable so the crawlers are set up according to the industry, reports are configured according to the wishes of the organization, users are given rights according to their roles, and the installation itself is possible in the cloud or on premises.
Surely you, like us, want to see things in action; so feel free to contact us for more information at or at +385 1 4662 700.