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Infigo at SmartCard 2019 conference


Infigo's senior consultant, Saša Jušić, gave a lecture "Third-party security – how weak is your weakest link?"

Our senior consultant Saša Jušić attended this year's SmarCard 2019 conference, held in sunny Biograd on the Sea. His lecture "Third-party security – how weak is your weakest link?" was aimed at organizations using third-party software and services. So, basically, everybody. No matter how high your level of security is, who can guarantee that third parties hold the same standard? And in the end, how is your system exposed because of that sort of partner relationship?
Of course, companies like Infigo, companies that live for IT security, are perfect not only to answer those questions, but to run tests, or do consulting, that will boost security maturity of any organizations, no matter the size.
SmartCard 2019 is an international conference regarding cards and payments applications in financial and other sectors. The topics covered were state and future of technology, mobile payments and digital banking, and experiences on the beforementioned topics.