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How the end of secure communication was exaggerated


If you've heard catastrophic tales of SSL/TLS vulnerabilities, we have a great SANS webcast about that topic by our own CTO Bojan Zdrnja

Bojan Zdrnja, Infigo's CTO, pen test team leader, and all-around great guy, is doing a webcast on Thursday, July 25th, 2019 at 10:30 AM EDT (14:30:00 UTC), with a humorous title about a serious topic "A BEAST and a POODLE celebrating SWEET32". BEAST, POODLE, SWEET32, and others, are various acronyms of SSL/TLS vulnerabilities that were going to bring the end of secure communication on the Internet. Currently, we're still here, secure as we can be.

In his webcast, Bojan will discuss how this vulnerabilities work, how they impact web, mobile, and fat client applications, and, in the end, why aren't we in Armageddon communication phase. Just a little spoiler on our side - some of those catastrophic warnings might have been exaggerated! Who would have thought?

If you want to catch up beforementioned webcast, just head to SANS webpage where you'll get all the information needed. Webcast is free, SANS account (that you'll need) is free, plus it lets you watch all the archived webcasts going all the way back to 2013! Bojan's lecture will be around an hour long, and after it's finished, you'll get the chance to ask questions.

You can watch the webcast on your desktop, or on your Android or iOS devices. Everything you need to know is right here.