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Getting ready for QuBit Sofia 2019


Infigo's CTO, Bojan Ždrnja, among all other activities he has, is preparing to attend a security conference QuBit Sofia 2019 and hold a lecture on emerging threats

QuBit Sofia 2019 is held, as you can see from the title, in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 14 November 2019 – the conference is dedicated to cybersecurity problems of today but looks towards the problems that organizations will face in not so distant future.
Our own Bojan Ždrnja, in his always booked schedule, has managed to find the time to give lecture on new and emerging threats seen by SANS Internet Storm Center (as he is an ISC handler). SANS ISC has been following and analyzing various attacks for more than 20 years so the audience will have unique opportunity to hear how the cyber landscape will look shaped by today's emerging threats that will, unfortunately, became a bitter reality in the years to come.
You can find more about QuBit Sofia 2019 here, and if you want to know about what you can do in Sofia, a city that has been continually inhabited for around 9000 years, you could try the official tourist information website.