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Fresh from InfoSek 2019


We've marked seventeen years of InfoSek in Nova Gorica, Slovenia - not only did we hang out, but we also held an lecture about ways sophisticated attackers steal and exfiltrate data

InfoSek 2019, the biggest cyber security conference in Slovenia, was held in Nova Gorica, in western part of Slovenia, near the Italian border. Three-day long conference welcomed more than 600 visitors, and more than 150 lecturers. And where there is cyber security, there is Infigo!
Our CTO, Bojan Ždrnja, held a lecture on the second day of the conference. The title of the lecture was "Hiding in plain sight - how sophisticated attackers steal and exfiltrate your data", and it depicted to the gathered crowd what is domain fronting, C&C server concealment, and DNS over HTTPS. This wasn't just a theoretical lecture so Bojan showed specific examples how malevolent actors exploit/use beforementioned technologies, and talked about near future. On the one hand, every problem we have now will plague us also in the future, but on the other hand, DNS over HTTPS is a nice privacy feature that we should embrace, no matter the security problem it brings.