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Digital Guardian acquires Armor5

One of the biggest challenges for DLP vendors is the control over access to sensitive information via mobile devices and access to information stored in the cloud. Digital Guardian, as a leading DLP tool on the market, has recognized this problem and decided to improve its solutions through the acquisition of the Armor5 company. Armor5 uses a unique way to control access to corporate information via mobile devices, as well as business information stored in the cloud, which will give additional breadth and coverage to Digital Guardian solution in the field of business information.

Because of its innovation and uniqueness Armor5 solution was recognized by Gartner as "Cool Vendor " in its report "Cool Vendors in Application and Endpoint Security, 2014 ". This is one of the reasons why Digital Guardian opted for the acquisition of this solution, so that it would expand its options in the field of business information leakage from mobile platforms.

Armor5 solution allows users to securely access business applications and data via any user device with a web browser installed (including mobile devices), so that data is never stored on the device itself, but in the memory of the web browser. After usage, the data is destroyed without leaving any trace on the device itself. This allows for access to corporate data for commercial purposes without any leakage or misuse. The basic architecture is shown in the following picture.

Corporate data is retrieved through Armor5 cloud infrastructure where it is prepared for display on the user's device according to defined rules. All types of documents, such as PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, and so on are converted into HTML5 format and presented to the user without local storage. Before presentation, all the documents are further checked and sanitized through a specialized Web virtualization platform to enable secure delivery to a mobile device. All communication is protected with SSL, ensuring the transmission security.

Although the fact that business data passes through the manufacturer’s infrastructure can be mentioned as one of the disadvantages, this method of data access from mobile devices continues to be considered safer than the current one.

More information about Armor5 acquisition by Digital Guardian is available at