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INFIGO IS at Mreža Smart Day


Today in a in a cozy atmosphere of auditorium Muller, at cinema Europe in Zagreb, members of a round table tried to answer one question - does machine learning solves security threats

Croatian magazine Mreža held it's ninetieth Smart Day where a round table tried to answer a complex question - does machine learning solves security threats. As a long time Mreža contributor, and an expert in security, our senior information security consultant, Bojan Ždrnja, was present. Through lots of questions and answers the round table reached a simple answer - no, machine learning doesn't solve security threats.

As Bojan said: "On our, attacking, side, machine learning currently doesn't pose a serious problem. As soon as we have something that isn't 100 percent secure, just one security flaw enables us to take control of the system." What machine learning, today, represents is just one extra tool in a world of proactive protection. But, when he was asked if the future of machine learning means algorithms will replace humans, Bojan answered that we'll never live to see that. According to him, information security needs even more and more experts, and chances that automated systems could replace them, especially pen testers, is an utopian thinking that is unattainable  in the real world.

Mreza Smart Day ended with refreshments and mingling, and in foreseeable future you can expect more conferences with members of INFIGO IS attending.