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Pen testing IoT devices at Infosek Expo 2020


Infigo's CTO and pen test team leader, Bojan Zdrnja, will give lecture about pen testing IoT devices – he will be featured at Infosek Expo 2020, aptly named Cyber & Infosecurity 2020, so check him out

For years everybody has been talking about IoT devices, and after all that talk, we really are seeing their number swell. Many Telcos are entering the smart home and home automation market, and that means high number of smart devices connected to the Internet. But even if something is smart, or should be smart, that doesn't mean it is adequately protected – it often seams the smarter the device, the more insecure it is!
Bojan Zdrnja will give lecture about pen testing of various smart home components – from internal and external cameras, through sensors, to management applications. Lecture, titled Penetration testing IoT application, will be held this Friday, June 12th, at Infosek Expo 2020 – as conference is held virtually, registration is free for all who are interested.
More about the conference and registration can be found on the official web.