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GDPR ˝Quick-start˝ analysis

INFIGO "GDPR Quick Start" enables companies to quickly and easily evaluate the current state of the company in relation to the GDPR requirements and to provide basic guidelines for achieving compliance.

The service is intended for companies that do not have prior experience in compliance procedures, particularly in the privacy and personal data segment, and want to get an initial picture of their readiness in the context of alignment with the requirements of the GDPR Regulation.

The analysis result is a report that gives to the company's management  a basic insight into the level of company maturity in relation to the GDPR requirements and a plan for further compliance in accordance with business requirements and available resources.

These results enable the management to make initial decisions and start initiatives related to the GDPR requirements, in order to reduce the exposure of the company to GDPR non-compliance.


  • Identification of key business processes of an organization in terms of personal data collecting and processing,
  • Evaluation and mapping of existing organizational and technical controls in relation to GDPR requirements,
  • Identification of gaps and opportunities to improve,
  • Assessment of the GDPR compliance readiness of the organization,
  • Analysis of the company’s exposure towards GDPR,
  • Development of a roadmap and guidelines to achieve compliance with GDPR requirements.


The result of the service provided is a report for the responsible persons within the company which includes:

  • Management summary,
  • Description of the area of increased risk level and exposure of the company in the context of the GDPR regulation,
  • Estimating Company Compliance Level with GDPR Requirements,
  • Development of guidelines and a plan for achieving compliance with GDPR requirements,
  • Improvement plan for existing technical measures to achieve additional GDPR compliance.


The estimated duration of the "GDPR Quick-Start" analysis is 5 days, although it may vary depending on the complexity and size of the organization.